Monday, March 27, 2017

Readers' Advisory Matrix

The Readers’ Advisory Matrix for When God Doesn’t Fix it, by Laura Story
1.     Where is the book on the narrative continuum? Highly narrative (reads like fiction)
2.     What is the subject of the book?  Learning to rely on Jesus in order to live through situations that might not ever change or get better
3.     What type of book is it? Christian book about Christian life and suffering.
4.     Articulate appeal:
a.     What is the pacing of the book?  The reader is immediately pulled into the story from the first sentence.  Laura begins the book with a life changing phone call from Martin.
b.    Describe the characters of the book.  Laura is a full time music minister and her husband Martin who is a full time college student and campus director of college ministry.  Both characters are young and just beginning their careers when Laura and Martin decide to move to Atlanta for Laura’s new job. 
c.      How does the story feel?  Laura’s fairy tale life is no longer possible.  Through Martin’s medical issues Laura finds humor in their sad situation and is able to learn to lean on others for help. 
d.    What is the intent of the author?  The author examines heroes of the Bible and is able to show that God is able to use them despite their flaws. 
e.      What is the focus of the story? Laura’s husband, Martin is diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He loses his short term memory.  Laura and Martin’s lives are changed forever. 
f.      Does the language matter?  The writer uses a conversational tone mixed with humor to draw the reader into the story. 
g.     Is the setting important and well described?  Yes, the setting is in Atlanta Georgia and the characters are often at the church or around church goers.
h.    Are there details and, if so, of what?  Details are provided about Biblical characters.  The author provides quotes from scriptures to back up her points. 
i.       Are there sufficient charts and other graphic materials?  Are they useful and clear? No charts or graphic materials are present.  They are not needed. 
j.       Does the book stress moments of learning, understanding, or experience Throughout the novel, the author learns to rely on God and the Bible. 
5.     Why would a reader enjoy this book (rank appeal)?
1.      Learning/Experience
2.      Tone
3.      Detail 


  1. Kim, I am adding this book to my ever growing list of next reads. I have already looked and one of the library systems that I frequent has it. It is interesting that the author uses some humor to draw the reader in on such a sad subject of her husband having a brain tumor. It shows an incredible faith in God by Laura Story.

  2. I loved this book! I enjoyed her writing style. It really resonated with me. Personally, I really struggle with letting people help me and the author describes this as part of her struggle. She explains how accepting help isn't about you. It's about the person wanting to help and giving them the opportunity to be more like Jesus.

  3. Great prompt response! You do a great job writing informative and concise answers. Full points!