Monday, March 27, 2017


Alone Yet Not Alone
By, Tracy Leininger Craven

Two German sisters are taken captive near their log cabin home after the Allegheny warriors storm through Buffalo valley.  The sisters make a promise to one another that they would not separate from each other.  Days after being kidnapped, the promise is broken and the girls are taken to two different places.  Barbara is taken into the wilderness with hope that she will be reunited with her sister.  Barbra is adopted into the Allegheny Indian Tribe with plans to escape and is eventually is successful.  This is the story of two Christian sisters who must rely on their love and strength of God to survive.  Ten years later, the girls are reunited with their family.  It is based on the true story of Barbara and Regina Leininger. 

Elements of Westerns
Tone/Mood - Offers a wide range mood and tone, sometimes within the same novel
The book is conservative and Christian.  It has a very simple tone and often keeps the reader hopeful that the sisters will be reunited.  This optimistic tone is entwined with many suspenseful moments as Barbara tries to find a way escape.

Characterization – The hero is similar to the medieval knight-errant as a champion of justice
The story focuses on Barbara who is trying to find a way to escape with three other young people who were also kidnapped.  The Indians are cruel and do not believe in God.  Barbara tries to proselytize the Allegheny Indians but is unsuccessful in her attempts.  The point of view is from Barbara so the descriptions of the Indians are very biased and unflattering. 

Frame/Setting – Landscape dominates and is often is a character itselft
The American frontier and its vast openness is an important aspect of this novel.  Throughout the novel, the landscape is an obstacle that Barbara must overcome to escape.  She is unfamiliar with the landscape and the trails. 

Pacing – May be breakneck that features action packed stories
          The first chapter of the novel is very brief and provides background information.  By the second chapter the girls are taken captive and Barbara’s story begins.  Once Barbara settles into the Indian camp the story’s pace slows and then picks back up during the escape. 

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·        Left by the Indians: Story of My Life, Ethan E. Harris


  1. I did not know that there were any westerns with females as the main characters. So glad you chose this.

  2. Great annotation. Your summary and readalikes are strong. Slight deduction for lateness, but otherwise great job!